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Market leading transaction enrichment and merchant analytics

Our technology enables you, for the first time, to truly understand bank statement data.

Look Who’s Charging is directly integrated with over 20 financial institutions and its data is utilised by millions of consumers every single day.

Our Clients

High quality data

Current data points

Often confusing transaction description – R458 NSW HORNSBY SYDNEY NSW

Merchant category code or ‘MCC’ is generally too broad or generic

Range of other largely meaningless data

Look Who’s Charging

Trading name

Meaningful and accurate spend categorisation

Company logo


Map coordinates

ABN and GST details

Contact details – phone, website and email

Link to a chain

Merchant fraud score

Instructions for customer to query a charge directly with merchant

Social media links

Up to 100 other fields

Explore our product suite

Search API


Money Tracker API


Merchant Lookup API


Rewards API


Loan API


Income API


Web Portal



Data access

Lightning fast APIs with a proven track record powering the digital applications of some of the world’s largest financial institutions

On-line web portal

Range of other customised solutions depending on your requirements


Google Review

“This has to be one of the best products/services on the market. I bank with NAB and use your functionality all the time. Thank you for your service and keep up the great work!”

End User Feedback

“I am so impressed with LWCs information that is available on my NAB personal banking app that I will be moving my business banking across to them if my current bank is unable to provide the same feature in the near future.”

Senior Data Scientist
Big 4 Australian bank

“We have tested many different data providers over the years and LWC is by far and away the clear front runner when it comes to categorising transactions and matching transactions to the underlying merchant, no one else comes close”

Operations Manager
Big 4 Australian bank

“Look Who’s Charging is a game changer. Via their web-portal we have resolved many calls quickly and efficiently that would otherwise have resulted in an unhappy customer and a chargeback.”

Senior Executive
National Australia Bank

“Unrecognised transactions are one of the top consumer pain points and the cause of significant traffic to our contact centres. We have seen huge repeat usage of LWC’s functionality with a significant portion of our customer base.
The Look Who’s Charging team have been great to work with. They are very engaged, focused on the customer and responsive to business requirements. We look forward to continuing to work with them and to expand our use of the service & it’s features.”

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