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      12 Month NAB Anniversary

      30 October, 2018

      Look Who’s Charging is proud to have reached the 12-month anniversary for enriching transactions within NAB’s digital banking applications.

      Look Who’s Charging has now helped over 2 million Australians get more clarity on over 20 million transactions!  In the process consumers, merchants and banks have saved millions of hours of wasted time and millions of dollars of wasted costs.

      Stuart Grover, Look Who’s Charging CEO said:

      “Feedback on our technology from NAB’s customers has been extremely positive.  This has been supported by search volumes, which have continued to increase on a daily and weekly basis. Once people become aware of our functionality, they continue to use it.”

      “We have some exciting new features we are working on and we look forward to bringing these to market in the not too distant future.”

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