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About us

Have you ever seen a transaction on your bank statement that you don’t recognise?  How has the experience made you feel?  Stressed, anxious, worried that you may be subject to fraud?  How many hours have you spent on Google or the phone to your bank trying to simply understand where you have spent your money?

Well you are not alone!  The catalyst for starting Look Who’s Charging was our everyday experience of looking at our bank statements and seeing a list of charges that can often be harder to translate than an alien message left on a moon circling a distant planet!

We hope that you find our service useful and please don’t hesitate to drop us a note if you’d like to get in touch.


2018 Best Customer Expirence

2018 Best FinTech/Bank Collaboration

2018 Best Innovative
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2018 FinTech

Our team

Stuart Grover
Co-Founder & CEO

David Washbrook
Co-Founder & CFO

Nicole Grover
Co-Founder & COO

Brad Jones
Tech Lead

Hammad Arif
Tech Lead


Look Who’s Charging is committed to driving innovation and is committed to doing so with as minimal impact to the environment as possible.

Achievements to date include sourcing 100% of our power from renewable sources, a carbon footprint per FTE half the industry average and sourcing gold standard carbon credits that more than offset our residual footprint.

We want to create a long-term sustainable business.  To the Founders and employees of Look Who’s Charging it was a simple decision.  We keep driving innovation for our clients, and we do so with as minimal impact to the environment as possible.

Click here to read our 2018 Carbon Footprint Report