About Us

Look Who's Charging is an Australian company with a simple mission - we want to eradicate the 10 million+ hours Australians waste trying to figure out who has charged their card.

We do this by providing as much information as possible on who the merchant is, what they sell and how to contact them. By making this information available to all, card holders can conveniently access it whenever they view their statements.

With Look Who's Charging:
- Merchants being charged $45 or more for a charge back, will become a thing of the past
- Card holders will not be left scratching their head or waste time calling their bank to query a transaction they don't recognise
- Bank staff can better serve customers because they aren't tied up with thousands of "transaction not recognised" customer queries
- Merchants will be able to deal directly with customers who are querying charges
- Card holders won't need to have a card reissued until the transaction is proven to be fraudulent
- Banks won't need to pay Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/EFTPOS etc for looking up merchants
- Card holders will be more likely to query transactions they don't recognise even if they are only worth a few $$$
- Bookkeepers can easily recognise charges and allocate them to the approporiate accounts

Look Who's Charging is available through the banking platforms of the following banks:

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