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Market leading data

Available data points

Trading name

Spend category & icon

Company logo


Map coordinates

ABN and GST details

Link to a chain

Merchant fraud score

Social media links

Instructions for a customer to verify a charge directly with the merchant (tailored per each merchant)

Contact details – phone, website and email

Up to 100 other fields

Our dataset

Not only do we offer an unrivalled depth of data but higher testing shows that the accuracy
of our categorisation is >30 percentage points than our nearest rival.

Look Who’s Charging

Nearest rival

This research is supported by extensive due diligence undertaken by a number of large banks.


Other providers

Generally based on Merchant Category Code (‘MCC’) and broad and generic

Generally limited to ~40 categories

Up to 10% of all card accepting merchants in any one category

Look Who’s Charging

Proprietary classification specifically tailored for card accepting merchants

Over 300 different categories

< 1% of merchants per category

How to acess our data

Direct access to our database

Online portal

Direct via your banking applications

Financial institutions

Credit card providers

Loyalty schemes



Bank call centres


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