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      Market Leading Solution

      16 October, 2018

      What’s the point in paying for a service that is no better than a Google search?  Many of the solutions on the market today provide only basic information on a transaction and generally aren’t that accurate.  Anyone who has used a PFM or budgeting tool would no doubt have experienced a large number of transactions either incorrectly categorised or categorised as ‘other’.

      Look Who’s Charging is a high-quality data business and banks trust our solution. They are willing to put us front and centre of one of their most important consumer touch points.

      The three core components of our value proposition are:

      • In-depth merchant details. We return up to 180 different fields on a merchant based solely on the transaction description per bank statements.  Most other offerings in the market simply return category and maybe trading name;
      • Accurate data. Recent testing has shown our data set to be >90% accurate compared to ~50% for our nearest competitor;
      • Robust and trusted architecture. We have been live with NAB for >12 months with no down time.  In addition, our API V3 has been scaled up to be able to return details on 50 transactions in less than 100ms – no one else can offer this capability.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo.



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