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      Look Who’s Charging Launches Money Tracker API

      17 July, 2019

      Look Who’s Charging is proud to launch it’s Money Tracker API.  Our Money Tracker API allows for the seamless analysis and categorisation of income and expenditure to provide consumers with a real-time of their financial position and ultimately enable them to make better financial decisions.



      The unrivalled comprehensive dataset that Look Who’s Charging can return on each transaction enables an accurate analysis of spend at not just a category level but also at a merchant level.


      Look Who’s Charging Co-Founder, David Washbrook said “One of our key goals is to enable consumers and businesses to have a better understanding of their financial position to enable them to make more informed decisions.  The launch of our Money Tracker API complements our Search API to give consumers and businesses a complete, accurate and real-time view of their income and expenditure.” 


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