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      Next time you meet a climate-change denier, tell them to take a trip to Venus

      18 September, 2019

      In his later years, the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking used the example of Venus to illustrate the impact increased greenhouse gases can have on a habitable planet.

      “Venus is like Earth in so many ways, a sort of kissing cousin. She’s almost the same size as Earth, but a touch closer to the sun. She has an atmosphere,” he explained.

      “Venus looked very much like Earth 4 billion years ago and was habitable for approximately 2 billion years. The reason why the planet turned uninhabitable is due to increased greenhouse gases in its atmosphere.  As the planet warmed, and more heat was trapped in the atmosphere, water resources kept suffering excessive evaporation. The feedback loop continued until the oceans evaporated, affecting the planet’s capacity to accommodate life.  This is what happens when greenhouse gases are out of control,” he said. 

      “Next time you meet a climate-change denier, tell them to take a trip to Venus and I will pay the fare,” he added.

      What is the Global Climate Strike?

      Over the past year, millions of young people participated in school climate strikes to send a clear message that the climate crisis needs immediate attention.

      This September, those same school students are calling on adults to join them on the streets to demand an end to the age of fossil fuels.  Millions of adults will walk out of their workplaces and homes to support solutions to the most important crisis facing our world. 

      Why we support the Climate Strike

      Climate change is not a problem that can be solved by any one person, organisation or country.  It requires a collective effort the planet over. 

      Our climate is too important for our families and our workplaces to ignore. All of us benefit from living in a healthy, stable climate. It’s what has allowed us to build inspiring businesses in the first place. 

      Our employees are concerned about the impact we are all having on our planet and are determined to be part of the solution, not the problem.  Our message to everyone at Look Who’s Charging, and to our fellow business leaders, is: you can join the Climate Strike to show your support for Immediate Action on Climate Change.

      We can all do our part in this unique moment in our planet’s history. 

      Stuart Grover, Nicole Grover & David Washbrook – Co-Founders, Look Who’s Charging

      The Blue Marble, taken by the crew of Apollo 17 on 7 December 1972.  It remained the only full image of the Earth for 43 years until 2015

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