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      Transform the digital banking experience

      Utilise Look Who’s Charging’s multi-award winning API to transform the customer experience and at the same time significantly reduce costs through reduced calls and chargebacks. Our real-time API can provide in-depth detail on up to 50 transactions in less than 80ms. Our event-driven architecture also allows for an on-premise cache of our data.

      Current View

      Can be extremely confusing for consumers and an expensive task for banks to resolve “transaction not recognised” queries via unnecessary calls and chargebacks

      Look Who’s Charging View

      Gives the consumer instant clarity on where they have spent their money, improving their experience and reducing calls and chargebacks

      In-Depth Merchant Details

      Consumer clicks on a transaction
      and in-depth details are provided on the underlying merchant.

      Market Leading
      Spend Analysis

      You can’t accurately classify a transaction unless you truly understand the merchant. Only Look Who’s Charging has this capability. No broad or generic spend categories, only deep meaningful categorisation. Look Who’s Charging is unique in that we can also enable spend by merchant to a high-degree of accuracy.

      Real Time Spend


      Call centre traffic

      Prior to LWC Post LWC

      Mobile NPS

      Prior to LWC Post LWC


      Prior to LWC Post LWC
      % of customers who would like to see more information on transactions within digital banking application
      YES - 98%

      Improve user experience and increase Net Promoter Score

      Reduce churn and attract new customers

      Reduce call centre traffic by > 50%

      Reduce chargebacks by > 25%

      Market leading dataset

      Robust architecture to allow integration with world’s leading financial institutions

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