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Understanding the profile of a business is critical for a variety of reasons, not least to enable you to focus your resources on more valuable opportunities. Current business databases are often inaccurate and incomplete resulting in:

Lost sales opportunities blue

Lost sales opportunities

Inefficient processes

Lack of focus on higher-value opportunities

Our Solution

Look Who’s Charging has an extensive database of over 600,000 active merchants.  This database contains up to date contact details enabling you to quickly and easily prospect potential customers.

Available fields

Trading name


Legal entity name



Address and lat/lon coordinates


Phone number and email address


How it works


Choose dataset

  • Entire merchant database; or
  • Subset of database
    • By category – e.g. all the fast food restaurants in Australia;
    • By chain – e.g. all the KFC restaurants in Australia;
    • By geographic area – all the restaurants in Sydney;
    • A combination of the above – all the fast food restaurants in Sydney

Initial file exchange

Look Who’s Charging provides you with the initial file containing the chosen dataset

Monthly feed

For the duration of the license Look Who’s Charging provides you with monthly updates to any changes to the chosen dataset

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