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      V3 Digital Banking API

      25 October, 2018

      We recently launched V3 of our Digital Banking Transaction Enrichment API.  Significant enhancements include:

      • Ability to pass in up to 50 transactions in a single API call so our data can populate the transaction feed in real time;
      • Response times <100ms;
      • Inclusion of results for ATMs and international merchants; and
      • Specific instructions to enable consumers to contact the top 100 ‘serial offenders’ for charge-backs.

      Look Who’s Charging CEO Stuart Grover stated:

      “We are proud to launch V3 of our technology which will help provide even more clarity to consumers, helping them understand their purchases and to reduce the stress and frustration associated with unknown transactions.”

      “We have moved from V1 of our technology to V3 within 12 months.  We will continue to invest and innovate to ensure that financial institutions, and their end customers, get the best possible outcomes.”

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